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Dates/Days:  12 September 5-7pm, 15 September 9am-12noon
Venue:  Culling Park, Clubrooms
Person/Contact:  Ant King
Mobile: (03) 425-9330
Email:  [email protected]

Carisbrook Dunedin

Unfortunately have no teams for the 2018-19 Season,

Please make contact with one of the other clubs.

or email [email protected] for assistance.

Green lsland

Dates/Days:  15 September
Times:   10am-12pm
Venue:  Sunnyvale Sports Centre
Website/Online Links:
Person/Contact:  Karl Andrews
Mobile:  021-074-8096
Email:  [email protected]



Dates/Days:  15 September 10am-12noon, 18 September 5.30pm-7pm
Venue:  Kaikorai Rugby Club, 25 Lynn Street.
Person/Contact:  Mark Miller 021-272-1480, Simon Anderson 027-498-8009
Email: [email protected]
Note: Girls can choose to play in ALL GIRL TEAMS this season if they wish.
CricHQ link:

North East Valley

Dates/Days:  15 September 1-3pm, 19 September 5.30pm-7pm
Venue:  Gardens Ground Pavilion, Bank Street
Person/Contact:  Mark Geddes 022-033-1890
Email:  [email protected]



Dates/Days:  15 September 10am-1pm, 19 September 6pm-8pm
Venue:  Brooklands Park, Church Street, Mosgiel
Person/Contact:  Simon Greenall 027-523-6613, Clint Hayward 027-843-8704
Email:  [email protected]

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